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Awesome Apps for Iphone and Ipad

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Awesome Apps to try on Iphone or Ipad




Rhythm Cat Rhythm game- Players are asked to play a given rhythm while a music track is playing. Players must earn at least 1 of 3 stars to advance to the next example. 


Magic Piano (Smule) Players are asked to follow the magic dots as they fall to the bottom of the screen. As the dots are pressed notes to a chosen song are played. Many levels from easy to difficult.



Auditorium An auditory puzzle game -Players are asked to direct  musical beams of light through different objects. Players will advance to more difficult puzzles as they complete each level.


Seuss Band Similar to "Magic Piano". Players are pressing colored bars of varying lengths as they approach the bottom of the screen. Players advance to more difficult song and levels as they play.


(Monolith) Loop Auditory improvisation-Players can play with spots of sound. Each spot expands and will interact with other spots added by the player. The music formed by the player will continue to "loop" indefinitely.


Isle of Tune Music Composition- This fun app allows players to compose their own music through placement of cars, roads, houses, trees and other objects. Each object has a specific sound as a car travels past. Tons of composition possibilities and examples of other players music.


Flow Visual Music-Simple interactive app. Players manipulate tiny dots with one or several fingers. Screen shots can be taken of creations.


Soundrop Small dots drop from a starting place and players draw lines for the dots to drop on. The interaction of dots and lines makes a sound. Players can manipulate the different colors, sounds, tempo, and speed.

Rainbow Notes Simple music theory game to learn the music note names on the staff and on the piano keyboard.





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