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Performance Stars

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Performance Stars


         A "Performance Star" is a music student who brings in a music “show-and-tell” and presents or performs it during music class. We will have “performance stars” available throughout the school year to allow students to become comfortable performing and speaking in front of others and also how be a polite audience.  This activity is not required and is on a volunteer basis.

I will ask the students during music class if they would like to sign up to perform or bring something. Due to time constraints, two students per class will be allowed to present and will be notified during music class when they are invited.


Thank you, Laura Bennett 


If you would like to try a Performance Star,

 here are some ideas:


-         Play a song on the piano

-         Play a song on another instrument

-         Sing a song

-         Dance with music, if you take dance lessons

-         Bring a CD or tape

-         Put together a group performance

-         Show a musical toy, clothing or book


  • ·        All performances must be under one minute
  • ·        You must sign up at least one class time in advance


Please choose music with these things in mind:


-  No foul language

-  No explicit relationship/love lyrics

-  No violent or depressing content





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