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Monthly Music Vocabulary

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During the months of August and September we learned about tempo by listening to different types of music, playing with tennis balls, moving our bodies and using instruments.







Rhythm and Beat



During the months of October and November students learned about the difference between rhythm and beat. Students played drums and used their bodies to show rhythm and beat. Students in 2nd-5th grade also completed a composition paper where they wrote their own rhythm phrases.





Vocal Technique and Style 



During the month of December students will be learning about vocal technique. High, Low, loud and Quiet. Upper grades will be learning the difference between head and chest voice. All students will be playing and experimenting with "other" voices and styles of music.







Instrument Families



During the month of January students are introduced to the four main music instrument families. Percussion, String, Woodwind and Brass. 3rd-5th grade students will be playing a relay game, students will also be playing a variety of other games, working on papers, and singing or dancing.








During the month of February students will be learning about the woodwind family. Woodwind instruments are played by blowing air, often with the use of 1 reed or 2. Students will see live examples of recorders, whistles, a flute, a clarinet, an oboe and 3 different sizes of saxophones.  Students will be given a quiz at the end of the unit.








During the month of March and April students will be learning about the percussion family. Percussion instruments can be played by hitting, shaking or rubbing to create sound. Students will be able to see and play many examples of percussion instruments as well as some from other countries. Students will be playing xylophones and drums in preparation for the 3-5th grade instrumental concert in May.








During the Month of May students will be learning about the Brass Family. brass Instruments are often made of metal and played by buzzing your lips into a mouthpiece. Students will see a trumpet, cornet, trombone and a baritone in class.




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